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Row 16 - Total Page Views

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Total Page Views
"Views" refers to page views, that is, the number of pages in your site that visitors look at during their visits. Some people only look at the home page for a few seconds then click out of your site. Others will click around for a minute or so, then click out. Others will stay in your site for several minutes and click through your entire site several times.

The traffic log records all of this clicking in the site as "page views", also called "impressions". Since some visitors visit your site more than once in a reporting period, and since they look at more than one page on each visit, your View count will always be higher than both visitor and visit counts. I know some experts put a great deal of value on page views. However, unless your site has many pages to view to begin with, this metric does not hold a great deal of value for most small Mom and Pop operations.

Also be aware that many Web Masters and salespeople like to rave about all the page views their site gets. This is important only if you are buying banner ads in the site. The theory is the more page views, the more times your banner ad is seen. I can't argue with that. Thus page views are mostly important to people buying banner ads and similar advertising.

HOWEVER! When talking to salespeople about buying banners and links, ask about the view count for the page where your banner will appear. Think about that. The salesperson claims they have 1 million views a year. That is for the whole site. Many pages within a site get only a fraction of the total view. If you ask for the view count of the page where your banner is to appear, you will find it is far below that 1 million view count.

Written August 2008 by Gary Cooley