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Traffic Report Tables
Row 17 - Average Visit Time

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Average Visit Time, aka time-in-site, shows how long visitors stayed in your site. How "sticky" your site is refers to how long people's attention is captured by your site content. The more content you have, or the more useful or compelling your content is, the longer visitors stay in your site.

For example, a one page Web site with a time-in-site of 1:30 (one minute 30 seconds) or more is good. Anything less is not good. If you have 10 or 20 pages then time-in-site should be longer. How long depend on the type of content. For sites in this area with more than one page, a good Average Visit Time is 3:30 to 5:00 or more. If the time is too low it means people are bored with your site and it needs a re-design.

If you have a low Average Visit Time your conversions will also be low. Not good!

In more complex site analysis it helps to look at both median time in site as well as average time in site. But for most small sites having only a few pages, there is usually little difference, so I don't include median in the summary tables.

Written August 2008 by Gary Cooley