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Traffic Reports
How Customer Reports Were Ranked

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Customer reports are arranged in order of total Web site visitors. The customer who had the most site visitors is ranked number one. The customer who had the least visitors is ranked as Customer 60. One visitor is one set of eyeballs looking at a site.

Converstion Ratios Are The Real Score Card
When it comes to traffic reporting many of our customers just want to know only where they stand compared to everyone else. I hope this Web site changes that mind set!

Please do not fall victim to the pursuit for the Number One spot. Your traffic report is all about refining your conversion process and improving your advertising. It is not some sort of resort owner score board. I recommend that instead of worrying about what others are doing, focus on how to use these reports to improve your conversion ratio. Remember, it is all about quality, not quantity.

If I had ranked these sites by conversion ratio instead of total site visitors, it would be a much different ranking order! I know because I know what the conversion ratio is for several of these sites. The reason they are ranked by total site visitors is because total visitors is where the conversion process begins. No doubt about it, the more visitors you have, the higher your conversions should be. But the real sign of success is having more conversions from fewer visitors.

Ask Yourself  This Simple Question
Which would you rather be:
     1. Number One with 50,000 visitors who converted into 100 bookings
     2. Last place with 5,000 visitors who converted into 1,000 bookings

DA! It's a no-brainer!

Your traffic report is THE most effective tool you have ever had for making more money because you can fine tune your conversion process.

What It Takes To Be Number One
Okay, I know. You just gotta know. All right. You will not like the answer. It is plain and simple. Do what the Top 10 have done. Eight of the Top 10 ranked operations have used their traffic reports for far more than a score card. The other two who do not use traffic reports are already instinctively doing all the right things, the same things a traffic report would show them anyway. However, since both are good customers we work with, I can say that their assent to the top would have been faster had they used traffic reports. In fact if they start paying more attention to their traffic reports (hint, hint, I know you two are reading this)  I highly suspect they'd be even more successful.

Operation Size Does Not Matter
It would seem that the larger operations would have the most site visitors. Such is not the case. We have two independent fishing guides who have a more impressive traffic report than some of the area's top resorts. And we have two single unit lodging operators who have better traffic reports than many larger resorts. Why?

The larger operations are most likely not to have the time, or to not care about things like traffic reports. They are not as hungry, not as determined, and perhaps not as desperate for higher sales. They tend to ignore the new in favor of what got them to where they are today. Who can blame them for that. After all, there is nothing more successful than success!