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Traffic Report Tables
Row 4 - Inbound Links From OMR
Row 5 - Inbound Links From Arkansas Parts & Tourism

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OMR Links - Average is around 5% of total visits. Ranges from below 1% to 13%. After 2Cooleys there is no better site to be linked in than OMR. (My personal opinion is that OMR also offers the best print advertising programs for this area.)

AR Parks & Tourism Links - Average is about 2.5% of total visits.  Ranges from less than 1% to 8%. A very effective FREE program. As with 2Cooleys and OMR, links in the P & T site are ones you should have.

Please Note! Referral metrics all need to be in the right range for any single percentage to be within range. If one metric is out of balance by more than a few points, it can unfairly skew the range of any other metric.


OMR Links
Visits to your site from OMR will run about 5% on average. Individual reports show a low of less than 1% to a high of over 13%. Anything less than 2% or so means you need to re-think your links within OMR, not stop them, just try something new. You need the OMR links for more than visit referrals and email leads. You need them for a strong search engine placement as explained in 2Cooleys links section.

Arkansas Parks & Tourism Links
Visits from Parks & Tourism site inbound links will run an average of about 3%. Individual reports show a low of less than 1% to a high of 6%. If you are getting less than 3% from P & T you need to either re-write your specials or add more specials. The Parks & Tourism program is free. It is your tax dollars at work. Take advantage of it. It works well for sending visits to your site.

Written August 2008 by Gary Cooley