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Traffic Report Tables
Row 10 - Inbound Links from Resorts & Lodges
& Other Large National Sites

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Average is less than 0.50% of total visits. Range is 0.08% to 1.50%. These low amounts are common for the large national travel and lodging sites. Normally I include low visit counts in Miscellaneous Links. Due to the number of questions about how well the Resorts & Lodges site produces, I made a separate category for it so all can decide for themselves.


The large sites sending good visit counts are the specialty sites. These sites focus on just one thing, like houseboating, or bass fishing, or fly fishing, or just cabins, etc. The keyword matches are close enough to help in the engines, and the readers are very interested in the topic matter. The visits from these sites might not be real high, but they will be serious visitors interested in what you offer.

If you are an RV park, get listed in the large RV sites. If you are a fly fishing guide, get listed in the large fly fishing sites. Remember this: When it comes to links, good ones cost money. If you are not paying, or if you are not paying much, then chances are good it will not amount to much. Like the old saying, you pay for what you get. The exception to this are sites like Arkansas Parks and Tourism.

Again I recommend spending money with OMR and your local chambers before buying into these big national sites. No, I don't get paid for recommending these sites. The simple fact is they are more productive than the big national sites because they are similar content sites about this area. The large nationals are not anywhere near as content rich for this area as 2Cooleys, OMR, Parks and Tourism, and the chambers.

Written August 2008 by Gary Cooley