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Metric Values By Report Table Row

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Rows 1 through 14 - The Visit Source Metrics
Each cell shows the number of visits over the percentage of total site visits the source generated. The ideal percentage is given below in red for each source. For additional explanations see

Row 1 - Direct Entries - Ideal is between 55% to 60% of total visits. An effectiveness measure for ALL your advertising - offline and online. More about Direct Entries

Row 2 - Search Engines - Ideal is between 20% to 25% of total visits. If lower than 18% you need search work. However, even if you are Number One in all the search engines, you will not see much above 30% if all of your advertising is working for you.  More about Search

Row 3 - 2Cooleys Links - Ideal is between 10% to 20% of total visits. Range is 6% to 56%. If lower than 15% we need to re-think your link images and link wording. If higher than 30% you are depending too much on 2Cooleys and we recommend additional advertising. If you are in the top 10 then your response from 2Cooleys should be in the 10% to 12% range.  Why you need more than just 2Cooleys

Row 4 - OMR Links - Average is around 5% of total visits. Ranges from below 1% to 13%. After 2Cooleys there is no better site to be linked in than OMR. Read more in Why you need links in top sites

Row 5 - AR Parks & Tourism - Average is about 2.5% of total visits.  Ranges from less than 1% to 8%. A very effective FREE program. As with 2Cooleys and OMR, links in the P & T site are ones you should have. Find out why in Why you need links in top sites

Row 6 - Mountain Home Chamber - Average is about 0.26% of total visits. Range? It is rare to see anything over 1%. Based on what I've seen in literally hundreds of traffic reports since 1995, chamber links are low producers. Read why in Chamber Limits

Row 7 - Bull Shoals White River Chamber - Average is about 2.75% of total visits. Range is from 0.56% to 4%, which good for a chamber. Anything over 2% is good.

Row 8a - Cotter Chamber - Average is about 0.60% of total visits. Too few reports to provide a range. This report cell shares space with the Norfork Lake Chamber. The Cotter counts have an asterisk * next to them. The Cotter Chamber referred more visits than Trout Capital USA, which sent virtually nothing to anyone.

Row 8b - Norfork Lake Chamber - Average is about 1% of total sales. Range is from less than 0.05% to 2.25%. The Norfork Lake Chamber gave its members a good ROI in terms of visit referrals for price paid.

Row 9 - MO Bull Shoals Lake Association - Average is about 11% of total visits. Range is 3% to 16%. This is the best return of any non-profit I've seen, and better than some for-profit sites. Only a few 2Cooleys customers belong to this organization. I included the results for them, and also to show the benchmark this group has set.

Row 10 - Resorts & Lodges - Average is less than 0.50% of total visits. Range is 0.08% to 1.50%. These low amounts are common for the large national sites. Normally I include low visit sites in Miscellaneous Links. Due to the number of questions about how well this site produces I made a separate category for it. Details on large sites are in Mega Lodging Sites

Row 11 - Ozark Vacations - Average is about 3% of total visits. Range is 0.05% to 7%. Customer sites linked here average about 1.5% to 3%. Should be in miscellaneous links. I made a separate category for the same reason as for Resorts and Lodges.

Row 12 - Miscellaneous Links - Average is about 3.70% of total visits. Range is 1% to 11% with several in the 6% to 8% range. Sites referring 49 or fewer total visits per reporting period are a miscellaneous link. These are usually free links but may also be low return paid links. This metric is worth pursuing. More About Miscellaneous Links

Row 13 - Niche Links - Average is about 2% of total visits. Range is less than 1% to 10%. Sites referring 50 or more visits that are not in any other category are a niche site. A "niche" is a specialty site offering fishing, lodging, fly fishing, bass fishing, etc. A metric worth pursuing if done right. Get More Niche Links

Rows 15 through 19 - The General Statistics Metrics
These metrics have no useable value expressed as percentages, which is why only counts are given.

Row 14 - Total Visits   - The sum of visits from all sources except spyders. The base count upon which all percentage metrics are calculated, and the measure used to rank customer reports. More on total Visits

Row 15 - Total Visitors   - The count of all real people who visited. This is the metric that bridges your traffic report with your financial metrics. This is what to use for calculating conversion ratios. More on Visitors

Row 16 - Total Views - The number of pages real people looked at. Many people put a great value on page views. I don't because most area Web sites don't have enough pages to make this metric truly useful. If you have a larger site then read The Value of Views

Row 17 - Average Time In Site - How long real people stayed in the site. This is definitely a key metric because it tells you how "sticky" your site is. A single page site should be at least 1:30 or higher. For more pages a good time will vary, but rarely exceed more than 5 minutes. More about Time in Site

Row 18 - Spyder Visits - Highly variable but should be at least 10% of total visits. Range is all over the map. Separate count from human visits. Learning how to "feed" the Spyders is essential to search engine success. Read Feed the Spyders

Row 19 - Use Of Top 5 Keywords - Should be at least 40% to 50%. Anything under 40% indicates your keywords are wrong in relation to what people think they should be, OR you are in a highly competitive keyword set. You are doing well if over 50%.  More on Top Keyword Use

Gary Cooley August 2008

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