The "Secret" Is Percentages

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If you read this section first it will help in understanding why these reports are credible. If you prefer to hop to the reports, click this link: To The Reports > >

What's The Value?
Your first reaction to the traffic reports will be "Oh my God! Yuck! All those numbers. Snore!" However, once you realize that good traffic reporting will show you what is working, and what is not, for driving traffic to your site, once you realize how this helps you spend your advertising dollar in the right places, once you realize all the work has been done for you here, traffic reporting will become one of your favorite past-times. What you will be most surprised to learn is how much control you have in growing your site traffic.

As more and more 2Cooleys customers "discover" the value of reporting, it will become a far more common topic of conversation, which is a good thing. From there the value will grow again.

Multi-Channel vs. Metrics-Based
The Online Marketing Industry is finally talking more about the many advantages of using "multi-channel analytics". "Metrics-based" and " multi-channel" are the same thing - with one major exception.

Multi-channel applies more to Web sites which are more sophisticated than what a small business normally has. My metrics-based model has been simplified to small business needs.

15 Years' Worth Of Real-World Numbers
The traffic reports herein are all real world. While the numerical counts change from year to year, the percentages have changed little in the 15 years I have been running traffic reports. These numbers are not theory. They are reality, they are what happens year after year. While I have used a metrics-based model since 1995, it took about three years to fine tune the process. After that it was relatively easy to just sit back and watch the percentage patterns define themselves.

I run an average of 20 traffic reports a year on our own sites, and another 100 or so for our customers. To date I've run somewhere around 1,800 traffic reports and converted the resulting metrics into percentages. What you are seeing herein are the traffic reports and percentages for the vast majority of the Twin Lakes Tourism Industry's online efforts.

Percentages Are The Answer
If you read the report summaries, and the supporting information, you will know all you need for maximizing your online advertising as well as much of your other advertising efforts. Don't chase numbers. Chase the percentages. Traffic reporting is all about learning how to convert advertising views into bookings. Learn how to tweak your percentages and you'll soon find your advertising's strengths and weaknesses.

Traffic Reports Do Not Generate Percentage Relationships
The percentages I give are not something the analytics software generates. Instead I calculate them on a plain old-fashioned 10-key calculator. While this is time-consuming, it takes no skill of any kind. All I do is divide each category number by the total number of site visits.

How I Know The Percentages Are Accurate
Since 1995 Mary and I have worked with over 140 different resort owners, guides, and marina operators. When it comes to the resorts we have seen two and three different owners for many of them. When I say "worked" that means we discuss in detail with each owner how their site is working for producing bookings. After 16 years, and after over 140 different operators, we have a good idea of what is working and what is not for their advertising and web traffic models. But there is more.

When Mary and I list a resort for sale we usually work closely with the owners to improve gross annual sales. Many resort owners cannot get the price they want unless their sales grow. Using traffic reports we can tell what is working and what is not for them. We also test and fine-tune different advertising. In many cases we have been able to increase gross sales by a considerable amount. So again, the percentages I give are well tested.

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