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Consulting Services

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Picking my brain about traffic reporting, design, search engine optimization, metrics, and related topics costs $80 per hour with a two hour minimum, paid in full at the time service is rendered. You can pay by check, cash, or credit card via Paypal.

Why The Two Hour Minimum?
I will spend at least one hour researching your situation before you arrive for your consulting appointment. It will then take about an hour to explain to you what I have found. If you want to spend more time, I charge $50 for each additional 15 minutes of research or consulting time.

Traffic Reports
If you want me to run your traffic reports, and we do not maintain your Web, I will need your raw traffic logs for at least one year. I will run your report before your consulting session. I cannot provide good reports from raw logs which have not been properly configured for full traffic reporting.  If your hosting company does not maintain full raw traffic data files, I can't help you.

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