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Traffic Report Tables
Rows 6, 7, 8, 9 - Inbound Links From Area Chambers

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These metrics are what has occurred up to August of 2008. They could rise or fall in the future.

6. Mountain Home Chamber
- Average is about 0.26% of total visits. Range? It is rare to see anything over 1%. Based on what I've seen in literally hundreds of traffic reports since 1997, the Mountain Home Chamber sends the least visits of any area site to our customers. I don't know why.

7. Bull Shoals White River Chamber - Average is about 2.75% of total visits. Range is from 0.56% to 4%, which good for a chamber. Anything over 2% is good.

Note: Due to space limits in the tables I put both the Cotter Chamber and the Norfork Lake Chamber in the same cell. Since none of our customers are members of both those chambers (only one or the other), I use one cell for two sources. Counts and percentages from the Cotter Chamber have an asterisk next to them.

8a. Cotter Chamber - Average is about 0.60% of total visits. Too few reports to provide a range. The Cotter counts have an asterisk * next to them. The Cotter Chamber referred more visits than Trout Capital USA, which sent virtually nothing to anyone in these reports.

8b. Norfork Lake Chamber - Average is about 1% of total sales. Range is from less than 0.05% to 2.25%. This site is growing so referrals may range up to 5% or so.

9. Missouri Bull Shoals Lake Association -  Average is about 11% of total visits. Range is 3% to 16%. This is the best return of any non-profit link program I've seen, and better than some for-profit sites. Only a few 2Cooleys customers belong to this organization. I included the results for them, and for another example of a good non-profit referral source.

Chamber Budget Limits

It is not fair or realistic to expect much referral traffic from Chamber Web sites. Chambers have limited budgets that must cover more than just Web site development. I find that most chamber members don't realize just how expensive it is to produce and maintain a top-producing Web site. Most Chambers just do not have the dollars it takes to drive a lot of traffic to member sites. They do very well with what they have.

Written August 2008 by Gary Cooley