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Traffic Report Tables
Row 3 - Visits From Inbound Links in 2Cooleys Sites

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Ideal is 10% to 20% of total visits. Range is 6% to 56%. If you are not in the top ten, and this metric is lower than 15%, we need to re-think your link images and link wording. Those in the top ten will run a lower percentage because their advertising is much more diverse than most operations, and therefore dilutes all ratios. If higher than 30% you are depending too much on 2Cooleys and we recommend additional advertising (this is true for any one source, not just 2Cooleys). If you are in the top ten then your response range from 2Cooleys should be between 10% and 12%. This also depends on how well balanced the rest of your metrics are.


If you are in the top 10, your visits from 2Cooleys should be between 10% and 12%. This is because the top 10 have a much more diverse advertising base driving traffic to their sites. The more advertising you do, the more lower your response from any one source will be in relation to others.

As the number of sources you have grows, so will your readership. As your readership grows, and as you add more sources to keep that growth on the rise, each source will, on a percentage basis, contribute less and less. But if you stop using any one of those sources, readership can slow, or stop growing at the same rate.

What To Do If Too Low
Call me. There are things we can do.

What To Do If Too High
If your 2Cooleys referral percentage is too high, that is over 25 or 30%, your advertising is not diverse enough. Of course you don't need to fix this, but it is, in my opinion, always risky to put all your eggs in one basket. What to add that works?

First make sure you have taken advantage of the free specials deal with Arkansas Parks & Tourism. Next, if you are not a member of OMR, become one and get links in the OMR site. I highly recommend spending money with OMR before spending money with any of the local chambers if money is tight. For many reasons you'll get more bang for your buck out of OMR due to the size and scope of that organization. One of the main reasons I recommend OMR is because you need quality inbound links if you expect to show well in the search engines. While inbound links are not the silver bullet, they are a major requirement.

Second, we need to look at your Miscellaneous and Niche links to see if you need more of each. Then look at offline options. A well balanced advertising program never relies on just one or two good sources. In today's world you need diversity because different sources attract different visitors from different demographic mind sets. Different advertising sources work better at different times of the year. If I can say any one thing about the successful operators I have worked with over the years it is that they all advertise in diverse ways.

Why You Need Links In At Least 5 Different Tourism Sites
Going back to search engines, remember I said that the only way you'll show up well in search is if your site is popular? One of the most important measures for site popularity from a Spyder view point is the inbound links you have clicking into your site.

"Inbound" means a link in another site that leads to your site. But just any link in any site won't work to help raise your site's popularity. First, the site with the inbound link must be "on topic" with your site. That is, the sites linking to your site must also have a lot of content about Ozark tourism and Ozark recreation. Yes, search engine algorithms are complex enough to track this quality level.

Second, sites having inbound links must be sites having considerably more annual traffic than what your site has. Yes, the site with your inbound links must have similar keywords, similar content, and have more traffic than what your site has.

Linking to a bunch of local sites with low traffic is not going to help you grow traffic. If you wish to help out a friend or business who helps you, that is fine. Just don't expect such links to help you in the search engines.

When I say you need inbound links from five different sites I mean inbound links from five different domain names. Please note that I say "different domains". This does NOT include several links within the same domain.  You need at least 5 separate domains that are on topic with your site, and again, those domains need to have a lot more traffic than your site has. Here are the best domains to use, which also happen to give you the best prices for the quality of the links you get.

When you are a 2Cooleys customer you get inbound links in three of our different five domains, all have considerably more traffic than what your site will get in a year. Our content is on topic with yours.

Next, if you are not an OMR member become one and get inbound links in the OMR site.  Finally, take advantage of the free specials program that Arkansas Parks & Tourism offers. In review, 3 different domain names from 2Cooleys, and then your OMR link, and AR P&T link give you at least 5 good sites providing quality inbound links.

What About Other Sites For Links?
If your budget allows, and you want more inbound links, your next best bet will be the local chambers. You might also consider some of the national specialty sites. For example, if you offer horseback riding you might buy links in a large national horseback riding site. Just remember that you get what you pay for. Good links are not cheap.

Written August 2008 by Gary Cooley

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