Links And Logo Embed Instructions
For The 2Cooleys $200 Co-Op Ad Discount

Warning! Please Make Sure . . .

While the vast majority of our customers understand and comply with our Co-Op ad discount terms, every year we get 10 to 12 who do not. They take the discount, then fail to provide their end of the bargain. This is not fair to our customers who do comply, and we are not willing to give up $200 for no reason. Therefore we ARE strictly enforcing our linking terms - all of them.

Web Masters:
Your customer signed a contract with us which clearly specifies how and where the 2Cooleys links and logo are to be placed in their web site. They have knowingly and willingly agreed to those placement terms, and for that we gave them a $200 discount. If you do not comply with the placement terms given below, and we terminate their services with us for that non-compliance, you can be held liable by your customer for their loss.

2Cooleys Customers:
It is your sole responsibility to make sure you, or your web master, comply with these placement terms. We have many good customers who never give us a problem over these terms, and there are many professional web masters who never give us any problems about them. If we let you and your web master get away with non-compliance, it is not fair to those who do comply. Therefore, non-compliance is NOT tolerated. As it says in your contract we WILL discontinue all services without notice to you for non-compliance with link and logo placement terms. This can be without notice and no refunds. If your web master fails to comply with these terms, and as a result of that non-compliance we terminate your services with us, look to your web master for a refund.

To those customers and web masters who find no issue in complying with these terms, which is 95% of our customers, we say thank you. Our loyalty and sense of Fair Play remains with you!


Placement Terms for Links & Logo

Contract References
In your 2Cooleys contract please reference the following paragraphs: Paragraph 2, Paragraph 7 and 7A, and Exhibits B and C. These sections clearly explain the logo and links placements.

The logo and links shown below must appear exactly as shown here, either in your links page, or wherever in your site you link to other sites or describe what else is in the area (such as an area activities page) or at the bottom of your home page (not a splash page). If using a home page placement, links and logo must appear no more than 2 lines below the last line of code at the bottom of the home page layout.

Logo and links MAY NOT be placed in any other section of your web site,  in your Facebook site, in your blog, or anywhere else. if you do not have a links page you can easily make one, or put the links and logo on your home page. If you decide you don't want the links and logo in your web site after all, send us a check for $200 and we'll all be good. But don't take the $200 discount and then never put up the logo and links. We've had that happen too many times and will no longer tolerate it.

Links Must Work
ALL LINKS MUST WORK CORRECTLY! When clicked they must land on the proper 2Cooleys home pages. Yes, we do check them throughout the contract term. We've had too many try to sneak this one past us so we watch for incorrect links.

Artist Liberties
If you want to take artistic liberty, we are flexible, but please call us first. The purpose of the $200 co-op advertising discount is to help our brand. If every customer decided to take artistic liberties and used different fonts, different font colors, resized the banner and so forth, there soon would be no consistent look to the 2Cooleys logo and links. We do understand that perhaps the background color or some other element may affect your design theme. In such cases call us and we'll work something out. We will then send you written confirmation of any such changes.

How To Place The Logo and Links
Below is exactly what the logo and links should look like when you are done. All the code is done for you. All you need to do is a simple Copy and Paste operation. The code below is basic html in what is called an iframe, which will render in any browser.

Determine where in your site you will be placing the logo and links. Paste the code into that spot. If you need help with this step, call the support desk at where ever you are hosting your site. Ask them how to insert the code. We will not do this for you! It is your site, not ours.

Web Masters: If you do not wish to use iframe because you want to use CSS or other, that is fine as long as the end result looks exactly like the below example. However, please use our server to serve the logo image, and keep the image dimensions the same size as below, not larger or smaller.

Questions? Contact 2Cooleys

Or Read The FAQ Below


What Placement Needs To Look Like

The Copy And Paste Code You Need

Copy & Paste This Basic HTML code in where our links and logo are to appear in your site.  When done properly, the logo and links will look exactly like what appears above.

Copy from (and include) the very first   "<" and all the way to the (and include) last ">" Here is the code:

<iframe width="195" height="195" src="" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowtransparency="true" vspace="10" hspace="10"></iframe>

Don't change anything, and make sure you copy and paste every character exactly as it is shown above. If you clip so much as one character it will not work!

Co-Op Discount FAQs

Q1: Why Has 2Cooleys Offered This Discount Since 1995?
A1: Almost all, but not all of our customers, have always wanted a "deal". Like you, we are in business to make a profit. Thus like you, if we give up income we need something in return. The Co-Op discount is a win-win offer, there is something in it for you, and something in it for us.

Q2: What's In It For 2Cooleys Customers?
A2: There are two advantages for you. First, you get a $200 a year discount. Yes, that is actual cash out of our pockets that goes to you. Secondly, you will benefit in search engine ranks, as explained below.

Q3: What's In It For 2Cooleys?
A3: Unlike you we don't need help in the search engines. What we DO need is brand awareness. Having our logo and links in your site helps build our brand awareness. And that is why we offer the discount. Notice we don't ask you to do it for free!

Q4: Do We Have To Have The Logo And Links?
A4: Absolutely not! The Co-Op Ad Discount has always been, and always will be, optional. But if you do not take it, the annual fee is then $800, not $600.

Q5: Search Engines? What's That All About?
A5: Anyone who knows anything about earning top organic (non-paid) ranks in Google, Yahoo!, and Bing knows that you MUST have outbound links to "relevant content" in sites having MORE readership than what your site gets. The important point is these outbound links must be to sites having content similar to what is in your site. Since all 2Cooleys sites deal with tourism in the Ozarks, and since your site does too, and since 2Cooleys sites have much higher readership than your site, your outbound links to us will help you in your own ranks. This helps you, not us. Of course you need the BACK LINKS as well, and you automatically get those when you sign up for 2Cooleys. That is, your links in OUR sites link back your sites, which helps you too. This two-way linking helps in search rankings.

Q6: What's In This For Branding 2Cooleys?
A6: For over 15 years running 2Cooleys sites have all shown up Number One with our chosen keywords in Google and others. Thus we don't need help with search engines. However, despite all those tops ranks for years, keep in mind only about 25 percent of our monthly readership comes from search. The rest of our readership is repeat readers - people who have been vacationing in this area for years, and they will keep coming back because they love it here - just like your repeat business. Many of these repeat visitors have our domain names memorized and don't even bother with search engines. They come straight to our sites without using search engines. They know and trust our brand. We want to keep that brand strong, and that is why we pay you to put our links and logo on your site.

Q7: Won't I Lose People Who Click On 2Cooleys Links? They Will Leave My Site!
A7: This will happen on average of between 50 to 100 times per year. Ever since 1995 2Cooleys has run traffic reports showing how many people actually click on the logo and links in your site to get to our sites. It is very very low. If your webmaster has any experience in web marketing ( not just site production) they will know this. Further, these few clicks will have zero impact on our search engine ranks. It takes far more than those few clicks to keep us in the top spots! Only those with no working knowledge of search will make such a foolish claim.

Q8: Why Is 2Cooleys So Strict On This Program?
A8: Most 2Cooleys customers have been customers for over 12 years. Year after year they renew without hassle over this policy. They understand it, accept it, and want it without playing all the little games some others engage in. It is NOT FAIR to our best customers that we allow new customers to play the many little foolish games with this policy some have tried. As it says in our contract, we WILL discontinue any and all services - without refund or fair notice - whenever anyone is in default of what they agreed to in writing. If we let one get away with it, then it is only fair to allow everyone to get away with it. Every detail is clearly spelled out in our contracts. Every new customer has the chance to read our contract and ask us questions BEFORE they pay us a cent. We expect you to adhere to what you agreed to without our having to constantly police your web site to make sure you are in compliance.

Q9: How Many 2Cooleys Customers Don't Use This Discount?
A9: Very few. Since 1995 less than five customers have opted NOT to use this program. The problems we have tend to be with inexperienced webmasters, usually teens or those with limited experience, or those who know nothing about this area. We have had few problems with true pros, in fact only two since 1995 out of over 100.

Q10: What Are These "Games" That Others Try With 2Cooleys Links?
A10: Some webmasters put up the links. Then, in a few weeks or a month later, when they think we won't notice, they take them down, usually without the site owner knowing it. Or they put up the logo and links, but fail to make a proper click work on purpose. They think we won't catch them. Or they put the links in some obscure location, or in another site, or try some little clever trick they thing we won't notice. There is a long list of these little tricks they think we are too dumb to notice. Some are honest mistakes. Most are not. YOU, not your webmaster, are in charge of your site. If we give you the $200 discount we expect you to make your webmaster comply with the terms you agreed to in writing. This is no different than what you expect of your paying guests!

List Of "Tricks" We Will Not Allow
Over the years several have tried many ways of "getting around" our link policy. They take the $200 discount and then do all they can to avoid their part of the agreement. We'll ask you once to place the links and logo. After that we will not call, nor will we email you about it. We are tired of "being nice", because it never works. Doing any of the following will cause immediate cancellation of any remaining time on a 2Cooleys contract - without refund:

1. Putting our links and logos in a splash page.
2. Putting our links and logos way below anything else in your home page or link page. Must be NO MORE than two code lines below anything else.
3. Putting links and logo in any page other than a links page or the home page.
4. Placing links and logo in any other site, such as a blog, Facebook, etc. Must be the web site we link to as identified in your contract.
5. Taking artistic liberties with the code, the colors, the size, the layout, and the links without first discussing such actions with us. If we let one take liberties we must let all take liberties, and that would defeat the reason we pay you $200 for the placements to begin with.

If our links and logo are placed anywhere that is not the permanent home page we link to from 2Cooleys sites, or if our links and logos are not in your links page, then the placement is wrong.