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It's Not A Traffic Report It's A Trend Report


About Compete
From time to time you may want to see what kind of web site traffic your competitor's have. Or you may wish to verify what some salesperson is claiming about how much traffic they have on the site for they are trying to sell you a link or banner. That is what Compete is for, and that is why it's called Compete.

Compete is a division of Millward Brown Digital, which has 87 offices in 58 countries. Now 40-plus years old they are a consultancy working with 90% of the world's top brands. Compete is used by many of the top web site producers, and it is a respected tool with a real value.

It's A Trend Report
The purpose of Compete is not for use as a traffic report. While it will show many of the same metrics as a traffic report, it's purpose is not taking the place of your, or your competitor's traffic report. What it shows are the trends for any given site in terms of how people use it.

For example, we'll say your competitor comes up with a new ad campaign designed to drive traffic to their web site. Is it working? Or let's say you see your web site traffic has fallen or risen. Is this due to your site, or is it also happening to your competitors too? Compete will show this trend.

Is It Accurate?
Compete will under-report compared to your own traffic report. But, having used Compete for several years, I can say it will show the same up or down trend that shows up in your traffic report. It will give you an accurate look at trends, but not so much the numbers.

Use It Free For 24 Hours
For years the basic version of Compete was free. Now even that is $200 a month, and for that $200 you don't get much. Until you spend $600 a month you get very little information. But if all you want is a quick look at basic trends, you can sign up for it free for 24 hours. Since Compete knows many will do this you will not get much information other than Visits for up to a 2-year period for any number of web sites.

Be Sure To Understand This!
In counting total Visits to any web site Compete does NOT include image file hits, no cookie hits, no Visits from any country other than United States, no spider hits, no self referrals, and they count only one Visit per month from each Visitor. These are all things that should NOT be in any traffic report anyway. If you include them in your reports you are not getting an accurate report.

To learn more about Compete and how it works, follow these links:

This explains how the Compete panel works gathering data

This is the Consumer Input software use agreement that Compete uses. It explains in detail what data are collected, how they are collected, and how data are used.

Compete refers to their "panel" of over 2 million members. Compete data are gathered via the Consumer Input software that consumers sign up for.

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