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The 2Cooleys Page Top Design Solves Banner Blindness
Our page top home page design solves a serious problem. One thing the Online Advertising professional knows is that when you place a banner ad at the very top of the page most people will automatically ignore it. They know that is where banners appear, so they ignore the page top. That is called "banner blindness".

Placing our static banners under the page top photo solves the banner blindness problem very well. In fact all our page top banners get a click rate at least twice the industry average. As people click through the photos, which they do want to see, they will see the banners for a longer period of time. Further, the banners will be all the site visitor will see while they wait one second for a new photo to load. Finally, we have added the line "Advertisers make this site possible . . ." which helps ease the resentment toward clicking banners.

Why The Text Link Under The Banners?
Good question. After all, nobody else uses text links under banners, so why do we?

While only about 5 percent of all home connections are still the old 56K dial up connections, most of the so-called high speed connections are not so fast. Many are in the 128K range for downlead speeds. Most web sites are designed for at least a 300K download or faster. This means that those on the "slow band" connections must wait a long time ( any time  over 10 seconds )for many web sites to load.

As a result of "slow-band" connections, many people still browse the web with image loading turned off to speed up load times. There are millions of people who browse the web this way. They do not see banners, but they will see the text link. If that link was not there, our slow-band readers would not see your banner, but just an empty spot. They will read the link and click it if it makes sense in matching their interests.

Text Link Click Through Rates
Our traffic reports show that year after year, people click on the banner's text link an average of 40 percent of the total clicks for the banner image. This is a respectable amount and goes to show that banners and links work well together.