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Spot vs Banner
A banner "spot" and a "banner" are two different things. The banner goes in the banner spot. You are primarily buying the banner spot, but obviously you need a banner to go in that spot. The same applies to classified ads. Prices include one ad per spot. Extra ads, whether banner or classified, are $55 each.

Multiple Ads In One Spot
Once you buy a spot you can run up to four ads in that spot. Four banners, or four classifieds can rotate in the spot you buy. This allows you to run multiple offers, which is an effective technique.

For each banner spot you buy, you are entitled to one banner free design, with "design styles" defined below. Thus, if you buy three different spots, you are entitled to three different ad designs. This applies to both banner and classified ads.

Banner Design Styles
In general you'll see three basic types of banners: 1. Photograph based; 2.  graphic based; and 3. Rich media. The photo based banner relies on a photograph with text overlays. The graphic uses no photograph, just colors, shapes, and icons with text overlays. The rich media banner uses Flash and other video motion effects. Rich media banners are usually very expensive. Included in your banner spot cost is one photo-based banner. If you want rich media, or graphic-based designs our fee for these is $75 per hour including telehone conference time.

Design Changes
If you decide to change something about your ads once they are running, we do charge. How much depends on what you want done. Minimum amount is $25.

Payment: Credit card or check. Unless otherwise agreed, ads do not run until they have been paid in full.

Rich Media
Regarding rich media banners, we will accept them as long as they are professionally produced, are in good taste, and meet our technical requirements. We reserve the right to refuse any and all rich media designs. Please call us about this BEFORE you spend the money to develop a rich media banner.

Third Party Designs
You can have anyone you wish design your banner. However, we retain the right to refuse to run any banner design. If you would like a third party design have your designer call us BEFORE they begin work! All of our ads run on precise technical standards which must be met for the ad to display properly.

Publisher's Editorial Rights
Because we are guaranteeing a minimum number of clicks on each banner, we reserve the right to refuse any banner design we do not think will produce enough clicks. While we are open-minded, we will not accept poor quality work, large file sizes, or anything that misrepresents, exaggerations, or fraudulent claims.

Copyright Ownership
Once we produce a banner for you, you own it unless it contains one of our stock images, or any derivative work there from. In such cases you will own the banner with the exception of the image within it.

Use Of Banner Creations On Other Sites
Your ads are designed for use in our web sites under our protocols. We make no guarantee of any kind that the ads we produce for you will work propertly in any other media, or in any other Web site. If you want to use what we produce in other sites or media, let us know. For an extra fee we can reproduce your ads for other uses.