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Classified Ads Work!
Classified ads are extremely effective for about 45% of the total web browsing market. There are many people who ignore banner ads but they'll read a classified ad. Moreover, classified ads are common and popular on the Web. An excellent example is Craig's List, a classified ad site which enjoys millions of visitors each week. Our own traffic reports show that classified ads are well worth using. You reach the 45% of Americans at home on "slow band", and you reach people who don't like banners.

Slow Band- What You Must Know About It
While the old slow 56K dial-up modem now accounts for only 5 percent of all internet connections in America, many of the faster connections are not so fast. Some 45% of Americans at home, which means millions, do not have a true high speed internet connection. Many of these folks have learned to browse the web with image loading turned off.

These are the people who look for classified ads. They will not see your banner ads. This is also one of the reason we use a text link under our banners.

The Power of Both
If you want a top-notch advertising program use a combination of classified ads with banner ads. Like with banner ads, classified ads need fine-tuning from time to time. Classified ads get their own ID file which allows you to keep track of what is getting more clicks - your banners or your classified ads. Use one to guide you in fine-tuning the other. You can rotate up to four ads in one spot for your business.