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All Ads Include . . .
One banner or copy design, guaranteed minimum number of clicks, ad metrics control panel, two tracking ID methods for your analytics and reporting, and exposure of at least 100,000 page views in a year or more.

Page Top Banners
Due to the extended exposure resulting from our page top design, our page top banners are our top performers. It is not because they are at the top of the page, but rather because of the photo tour above them. Click-through rates run well above 1.2 percent, some over 2 percent. The average within the Online Advertising Industry is one-half of one percent, so we're well above industry average. You can have up to four different banners for your business rotating through one spot, but there is an extra design charge per each additional banner.

Horizontal Mega Banners
The click through rates for these large banners runs between 0.75 to 1 percent. Some run much higher click rates, it all depends on what is offered. These banners are best for showing two or three concepts all at once. Megas are sold in 100% exposure levels, and they do get fewer clicks than the page top banner ads.

Classified Ads
The advantage of classified ads, and the main reason we offer them, is they reach a large market segment that banners don't. Many people who ignore banners will read a classified. Classified work well for presenting a specific detailed offer. You can rotate up to four different classified ads in one spot. All four ads must promote just your business.

Classifieds produce mixed results. Some are super performers, others just bump along. In the end they pay for themselves and them some, but they do not perform as well as our page top banners. We recommend classifieds for those who do not wish to spend much but want a front page presence. For those running multiple banners, we recommend adding a couple of classifieds to further support the banners. Classifieds are especially effective when you are also running a horizontal mega banner.

Ad Run Times
With high traffic web sites, such as Amazon, It is relatively common to run banner ads for a month or other time frame less than one year. Banners need 20,000 to 25,000 views or more per month to pay over short run times. It takes a tremendous amount of exposure to make a banner pay. While the 2Cooleys sites have the highest level of readership among all area tourism sites, we still don't run enough monthly page views to justify short run times. That is why we sell spots for one year.

Another major consideration is that banners can get a high level of clicks one month, and the next month get hardly any at all. It depends on weather and other unpredictable factors. Your banner needs to be there when the action suddenly ramps up.

How To Increase Any Banner's Click Rate
The least effective way to run any banner ad spot is to not change the banner, and to not fine tune and test.

Getting the most out of your banner effort requires effort, thought, and planning. You will not get good results just from "stickin' one up and see what happens". You need to try different banners, watch the results, and retry a new look. Many times all you need to change is small elements, you normally do not need a major re-design.

Effective banner campaign results can be "grown" into even better results. But you can't guess your way through the process. While the methods are not complex, they do take a little time.