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2Cooleys Annual Exposure Service For Your Web Site

12 reasons to be on 2Cooleys

What Does It Cost?

It's $800 a year without the co-op discount, $600 a year with the co-op ad discount.

What Is The Co-Op Advertising Discount?

We give a $200 discount to you if you are willing to place our logo and two links either on your links page, or at the bottom of your home page. This placement must comply with strict terms on how it looks and works. We cannot allow artistic liberties. For complete details and a sample of what it looks like visit http://www.2cooleys.com/links.asp

What You Get

Image Link - You get one image banner link in one of our resort/guide directories. This will be either in our White River, Norfork Lake, or Bull Shoals Lake home page. Samples can be seen at www.whiteriver.net/resorts.html   www.norfork.com/resorts.html    www.bullshoals.com/lake/resorts.html

We allow only one image link per customer. Your image link contains one photo of your choice that is no larger than 218 pixels wide with a matching aspect ratio height. The image link has a link to your web site and all your contact information, plus one short line of what you do and offer. Where you appear on the page is determined by alphabetical order. Don't worry, appearing at the top or bottom is neither an advantage or a disadvantage as traffic reports have clearly shown since 1995. What matters is your photograph. Nothing more than these things are allowed in the image links.

Why The Strict Policies?

For the last 17 years running these 2Cooleys directories have produced an extremely high click through rate. Our traffic reports, as well as traffic reports for many customers, prove that nothing we produce, and nothing anyone else produces, works as well as these directories. We don't fix what works. There are some powerful trade secrets a work here that we don't discuss!

Two BackLinks

In addition to the image link you will get two more text links, one in our Mountain Home home page, and one in our Ozarks home page. These two pages have a different function than our location home pages, which is why they look different. The primary purpose of these two backlinks is to help you in your search engine placements.   You will also have people click these links to get to your web site.

Daily Email Leads

Back in 1995 2Cooleys had the first online area information request. This is a form people fill out to get free area information. It was nearly two years before any other web site offered an online inquiry form. To this day the 2Cooleys email inquiry form generates more email leads than any other in the area.  You will get these email leads on a daily basis in your regular email inbox. All new 2Cooleys customers get a report showing the most effective way to answer these leads. There is a right and a wrong way!

What Results To Expect

On average 2Cooleys sends each customer's site between 2,000 to 3,000 readers per year. For every 100 clicks from 2Cooleys you will get 2 to 3 bookings. Thus you can expect about 40 to 80 bookings per year from 2Cooleys. You may also pick up more bookings from our email leads.