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We offer two advertising programs:

1. Annual Web Site Exposure Program - explained below

2. Banners And Classified Ads - for those who want a competitive edge

2Cooleys Annual Exposure Program
For Getting Readers To Your Web Site

$800 a year or $600 with co-op advertising discount
What Is The Co-Op Advertising Discount?
We give you a $200 discount if you place our logo and two of our links either on your links page, or at the bottom of your home page. For a sample visit http://www.2cooleys.com/links.asp
What You Get
One image link in one 2Cooleys Directory, two text links in two other 2 Cooleys domains, 2Cooleys daily email tourism inquiry leads.

Image Link - You get one image banner link in one of our resort/guide directories. This will be either in our White River, Norfork Lake, or Bull Shoals Lake home page. Samples can be seen at www.whiteriver.net/resorts.html   www.norfork.com/resorts.html   www.bullshoals.com/lake/resorts.html

We allow only one image link per customer. Your image link contains one photo of your choice that is no larger than 218 pixels wide with a matching aspect ratio height. The image link has a link to your web site and all your contact information, plus one short line of what you do and offer. Where you appear on the page is determined by alphabetical order. Don't worry, appearing at the top or bottom is neither an advantage or a disadvantage as traffic reports have clearly shown since 1995. What matters is your photograph. Nothing more than these things are allowed in the image links.

Why The Strict Policies On Image Links? - For the last 19 years running these 2Cooleys directories have produced an extremely high click through rate. Our traffic reports, as well as traffic reports for many customers, prove that nothing we produce, and nothing anyone else produces, works as well as these directories. That has been a proven fact for many years. We don't fix what works! There are some powerful trade secrets a work here that we don't discuss!

Text Links - The only real purpose of the two text links is helping you in the search engines. If you are familiar with what works in earning top search positions you know you must have links in other sites. Those links must be in a "like kind" site having much more readership than your own site. It's all about link popularity, and these links help you with that. There will be a few hundred per year who click these links as well, but that is not their primary purpose.

Daily Email Leads - In several locations in prominant positions is our link saying "Request Free Vacation Information". When readers click this link it takes them to our email inquiry form. Readers fill out this form and click "Submit". As soon as a user clicks "Submit" their request instantly appears in your email inbox, not hours later. These leads go out only to paying 2Cooleys customers. They do not contain requests for any information other than for vacation and recreation. Many of our customers sign up for 2Cooleys Annual Exposure Program just to get these email leads.


Results To Expect
On average 2Cooleys sends each customer's site between 2,000 to 3,000 readers per year.   For every 100 clicks you will get 2 to 3 bookings. Thus you can expect about 40 to 80 bookings per year from 2Cooleys. You may also pick up more bookings from the email leads you get from 2Cooleys. Now do a "cost per booking" comparison and you will find 2Cooleys is the least expensive.

12 Reasons To Be On 2Cooleys
For more details on any Reason click the numbered links

1. Cost Per Prospect - Cost-per click is how the Online Advertising Industry values ad costs. No other area offering has a lower per-click cost. See details in
reason 1 details
2. Direct Entries From High Quality Prospects - Every month between 20,000 and 27,000 people enter a 2Cooleys domain name directly into their browsers. This bypasses all search engines, and all other web sites. These are the readers who have been to this area before and keep coming back. That is why they have our domain names memorized - they use them on a regular basis. They are not using search engines! Learn why this is SO important in reason 2 details
3. Backlinks - Over 15,000 other web sites around America link to 2Cooleys sites. This is a rich source of new readers for your site that also bypasses search engines. reason 3 details
4. Best Search Ranks - For 19 years running 2Cooleys sites have held the Number One native search engine positions under our chosen keywords. Further, we have a long tail of additional keyword phrases that return our sites. Search engines are where new business is found. Nobody has a stronger search engine presence, which means yet another rich source of new readers for your site. reason 4 details
5. The Most Daily Email Leads - 2Cooleys was the one who pioneered the daily email lead inquiry system back in 1995. It was nearly two years before any other site offered a similar service. To this day no other site produces as many daily email lead inquires. Use these leads right and you'll get more bookings!
reason 5 details
6. The Highest Readership - Nobody has more tourism readership than 2Cooleys. We out-produce all 8 of our competitors combined by a 4-to-1 margin in terms of total number of unique visitors. Prove this for yourself using Compete!
reason 6 details
7. Three Powerful Links Helping Your Search Efforts - You don't need to be in the top 5 search results. But if you can get in the top 10 you will benefit. The three different links you get on 2Cooleys sites help you obtain that top 10 rank. Learn how in reason 7 details
8. Proven Recession Proof - In a normal year 2Cooleys traffic is in the range of 550,000 unique visitors. In 2011 it dropped to 371,000. Even with that large of a drop 2Cooleys still supplied the most readership for our customers compared to all other local sites. This was proven in customer 2011 traffic reports.
reason 8 details
9. 19 Years Experience - Promoting Ozark tourism online is all we do, every day, and have for 19 years. In addition to producing 2Cooleys web sites we also have 80-plus web customers. We see what works and what does not and we pass that knowledge on to you.
reason 9 details
10. Out-Performs National Sites - "Local" is becoming all the rage on the web, especially with mobile. Customer traffic reports prove 2Cooleys local sites produce more clicks for their sites in a year than the large national web sites.
reason 10 details
11. Discounts On Banners - Available on a limited basis 2Cooleys banners have proven successful. Our annual exposure customers get a substantial banner discount, plus they have right of first refusal on any open spots.
reason 11 details
12. Limited Advertisers - Years of testing has proven that too many advertisers on a site dilute the response rate. Thus, because we'd rather have 80-something very happy customers than 100-something not-so-happy customers, we limit the total number of advertising we have on our sites, which helps you.
reason 12 details

Basic Points To Keep In Mind

It's Not About Site Maintenance
Our annual fee has nothing to do with web site maintenance. The fee you pay each year is for putting a large number of the right prospects into your site. You can have the best web site design money can buy. But if enough of the right people don't find it, that wonderful site can't do it's job.

Web Site Exposure - It's What You Need For A Good Season
The goal of any tourism business is repeat guests. It takes new people converting into repeat guests to replace those who do not return.That's why you need a steady flow of two categories of web site visitors: Those who have vacationed here in the past, and those who have never vacationed here.

How Many Site Visitors Do You Need Each Year?
Based on years experience in Ozark tourism web promotions we can say with confidence that you need on average somewhere between 1,000 to 1,500 people in your web site for every rental unit you have. If you have ten units you need an annual unique visitor rate of somewhere between 10,000 to 15,000 people.

The Power Of Multiple Domains
A critical part of the 2Cooleys metric-based model is that we do not rely on just one domain name. We have five primary domain names: bullshoals.com; norfork.com; whiteriver.net; mtnhome.net; and ozarkmtns.com. All of these domains show up in the top positions of the search engines. Thus, no matter what crazy keyword phrases people use, they find us, which means they can find you. Further, if people want information on Bull Shoals Lake for example, they can get right to it. There is no having to click all over the place trying to find Bull Shoals Lake.

Traffic Reports - How We Can Make These Claims
Traffic reports show a long list of metrics about how people find a web site, what search engines and what keywords they used, how long they stayed in the site, what pages they looked at, what part of the world they live in, and a great deal more. Web site traffic reports are to web sites what Nielson Ratings are to TV shows. The entire TV Industry lives and dies by Nielson Ratings. Web masters live and die by traffic reports. In this day and age what each web site on the Internet generates for total unique visitors is public information. There is no hiding results!


Expanded 12 Reasons Details

Reason 1 - Acquisition Cost Per Prospect

The smart way to evaluate the cost of an advertising offer is not the usual question of "how much does it cost?". Instead ask, "What is the cost to acquire one prospect with this program?" That is how the Big Time Pros look at it.

Say a web program costs $250 a year. That's $350 less than 2Cooleys. Which is really the best deal? It depends on how many clicks each program gets you. Sites with less traffic tend to generate fewer clicks. No matter which site you are considering - 2Cooleys or anyone else's - ask them what the average annual click rate is for what they are offering you.

The average 2Cooleys customer gets between 2,000 to 3,000 clicks per year. (Some get considerably more.) We'll say it's an average of 2,500 clicks. If you take the 2Cooleys co-op discount then 2,500 divided by $600 = 0.24 which is 24 cents per click.

Thus for the $250 site we'll say there is a total of 500 clicks. Then 500 divided by $250 = 0.50 which is 50 cents per click. While "cheaper" may be more attractive, you have to decide between cost and getting enough people into your web site to make a difference. Of course if you can afford it, we recommend buying into as many sites as you can.

After 19 years of running traffic reports for 2Cooleys customers who also buy links with our competitors, I can prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that for every click our competitors generate for our customers, 2Cooleys generates 5 clicks - a 5-to-1 ratio. Those who run their own traffic reports see this truth. But I still recommend not putting all your eggs into one basket. Buy links in as many different sites as you can. Don't rely on just 2Cooleys!

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Reason 2 - Direct Entries - The Highest Quality Readership There Is

Not only do you get the lowest cost per click, you also get the highest volume of highly qualified prospects with 2Cooleys. How?

People who have vacationed here more than a time or two have our domain names memorized or marked as a favorite. They use our sites over and over, year after year. While it is true that many repeat guests "stay loyal" to one operation, there are even more who do not. These folks know they want to visit this area, but they are looking for different lodging, or a different guide, or something new to do. And these are the people who make up 60 percent of our annual readership.

Ever see a TV commercial or print ad with a web site address and then you enter that web site address in your web browser? That is a "direct entry". A direct entry by-passes all search engines and all other web sites. Further, when people do this it is because they want to visit that particular web site. It is not an accident they are in the site.

For 19 years running 2Cooleys has dominated the search engines. Yet despite all of those top search engine ranks, only 25 percent of our total monthly traffic comes from search. Fully 60 percent comes from direct entries, and the last 15 percent comes from links in some 15,000 other sites.

In a normal year 2Cooleys traffic is about 550,000 unique visitors per year. That's some 330,000 people who just type in our domain names to get to our web sites and resort/fishing guide directories, bypassing all search engines, and bypass all other web sites.

How Do So Many People Know Our Domain Names?

It's via the power of branding. Think of it in terms of those multi-generational families who come here. Our sites have been up since April of 1995. If a child was born that year that child is now turning 19 years old. If a child was ten years old in 1995, they are now turning 27 years old. If these children grew up in families who vacation here on a regular basis, and if those families used the Internet to plan their vacations during those years, these children grew up with our domain names. That is one of many examples of how our sites are branded.

Want Repeat Business?

The important point here is that only those people who vacation here on a regular basis have our domain names memorized. If they did not keep visiting the area they would not keep using our domains. So if you want to reach those people who keep coming here year after year, you need to be on 2Cooleys for sure.

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Reason 3 - Backlinks, Another Source Bypassing Search Engines & Other Sites

"Backlinks" are links in other web sites leading to 2Cooleys sites. By using a good traffic report anyone can see who, and how many other sites link to their site. (The link:(domain) command in Google is not very accurate. Google admits this in their Tools For Web Masters site.) When someone clicks from one web site to another, that click is called a "referral" in traffic reporting language.

The traffic reporting software used by 2Cooleys has a default limit of 15,000 different referring sites. Every month for the last 12  years, for every single 2Cooleys domain, the traffic report has hit that 15,000 referring site limit. That means there are OVER 15,000 other web sites having links back to 2Cooleys sites. ( And yes, we do filter out referrals from sites like Traffic Faker.)

How Did We Get All Those Links?

Since backlinks are a major requirement for showing up well in search engines, all webmasters work hard to get backlinks. How did we get ours? Luck. Just pure luck. Other than the backlinks we pay for within our own customer base, we did not ask for a single one of those links. People found our sites useful and therefore linked to them. Many of the links are regional and specialized search engines. Many are people's personal web sites.

Our traffic report lists all referring sites in order of the most to least referrals sent for the reporting period. Of the 15,000-plus referring sites only about three send more than 1,000 clicks in a month. Only about another seven send between 100 to 999 referrals. The vast majority send less than five referrals a month. But what is one or two times 14,000? The web sites referring very few visits in a month actually send, in total, far more visits than the top performing sites!

Unique Visitors vs. Visits

One point to keep in mind about backlinks and counting what they send in referrals is the difference between a "unique visitor" and a "visit". Search engine and backlink clicks are counted in terms of visits, not unique visitors. A unique visitor is one person, one set of eyeballs looking at a computer screen. A visit is what that unique visitor is doing - he is "visiting" the web site. Since many people visit a web site more than once in a month the entire Online Advertising Industry has elected to count total visits instead of just total unique visits. Thus the reason traffic reporting software is set up the way it is. It's been this way for 20 years. Thus we know that at least 15,000 people click links into 2Cooleys sites every month, on every domain, for at least one visit. Since some sites account for many visits, the real number is beyond 15,000. We just have no idea how many.

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Reason 4 - 2Cooleys Dominates The Search Engines

For 19 years running 2Cooleys has held the Number One search engine positions under our chosen keywords. We also show up very well under a long list of "long tail" keyword phrases. Further, we are well branded in the search engines, that is, people see the name 2Cooleys many times under that long list of search terms. You can prove this for yourself. Just enter any number of keyword phrases in Google, Yahoo! or Bing. See how many times you see our domains and the name 2Cooleys.

How Our Top Ranks Help You

New business tends to come from search engines. The old business uses the direct entry method described above. The sad truth is a Mom & Pop web site having only 10,000 to 15,000 visits a year is not going to make it into the Top 5 search engine ranks under the primary keyword phrases. It's also hard to even make it into the Top 10 ranks.That is why you need to be listed in 2Cooleys.

How We Do It

Much has changed since 1995 when we first started submitting our sites to search engines. These days it is a bad idea to "submit" as it is all automatic now. For years one had to be very proficient at things like "keyword stuffing", meta tags, page titles, and some 50 other complex programming tricks of the trade. None of that matters now.

The fact is, we have not done a thing in over five years to keep our top positions. In this day and age site rank is based almost entirely on how popular a site is. Popularity is measured by how many others link to the site, how many click   to it in the search returns, etc. Our top ranks are the final proof that our sites are extremely popular. It is the American Consumer who now keeps us in the top. They vote with their mouse.

No doubt about it, we did get there by hard work on the right keywords. But we have not touched them for a long time.

True, Google does use a few other parameters for a top rank. Sites have to load fast, which means your site has to be hosted on a super-fast server. All 2Cooleys sites are served on a powerful dedicated private cloud server that costs $190 a month. You can't get this kind of power for $15 a month! Google likes old sites. The longer a site has been in continuous use, the better Google likes it. Ours have been running non-stop for 19 years. Yes, these things go help, but it still is mostly all about popularity.

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Reason 5 - The Most Daily Email Inquiry Leads

In many places in all 2Cooleys sites is a link to a form people fill out asking for area information. 2Cooleys was the first to offer this back in 1995. It was two years before any other area web site offered something similar. For 19 years running 2Cooleys has, and continues to produce the most email inquiry leads. If you work these leads right they help you get some good bookings that you would get no other way.

Very few people bother to use the Inquiry Form. Less than one-half of one percent of our total monthly site visitors bother using it. Most prefer to click into all the individual web sites. But those who do bother to use the form are serious about coming to the area. We have several customers tell us that the email leads alone make the 2Cooleys annual fee well worth the cost. This is especially true if these new guests turn into repeat guests!

A Word Of Caution About Email Leads

Email leads have to be answered properly or they will not even be opened, let alone be read. You MUST follow the basics of good spelling, answering questions properly, and using good grammar. The email lead response is NOT where to do the "selling". DO NOT make the mistake of sending a long message with a lot of photos. DO NOT make the mistake of sending your entire web site. None of that works well.

Instead your email response's only goal should be getting people into your web site. Let your web site do the selling! How do we know? Because we polled 1,000 people who used our email inquiry about the experiences they had with our email leads and related responses. They told us all about what they liked - and did not like. Don't try to re-invent the wheel here. Give people what they want and you'll get good results.

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Reason 6 - No Other Area Tourism Web Site Has More Readership

In a normal year 2Cooleys has somewhere around 550,000 unique visitors (people) who visit our sites. That is twice as many as all eight other area tourism web sites combined! For every one reader all other eight sites generate, 2Cooleys generates 2 to 4 more visits.

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Reason 7 - Powerful Backlinks To Help Your Search Positions

You don't need to show up in the top five, just the top ten of the search engines. Yet there is a lot of competition just for the top ten. Why? Just being in that first search engine results page makes a difference for getting new business. Even moving from position eleven on the second page to position ten on the first page helps.

Like I said, there is a lot of competition for those top ten spots. If you really want to show up there you'll need, in addition to other things, some very good backlinks. When you sign up with 2Cooleys you get the three strongest backlinks this area has to offer. Just having a bunch of links helps, but what really helps is having links in sites that are of the same theme as yours (Ozark tourism), but which also have a much higher readership than your site. Google puts a lot of "link weight" on this!

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Reason 8 - Proven Recession Proof

A well-built boat can get a hole in it, take on a lot of water, and still float it's passengers safely home. In 2007 2Cooleys sites had a total of 572,253 unique visitors (real people). Then, in 2011, that number dropped to 371,403 - a loss of 200,850 readers. Yet even with that drop, 2Cooleys still out-performed all eight area competitors combined by a 2-to-1 margin in terms of unique visits.

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Reason 9 - 19 Years Experience

For 19 years 2Cooleys has used a metrics-based (as opposed to a search-based) web promotional model. The metrics-based model, while time-consuming and slow to work, has performed extremely well. It has taken a lot of fine tuning, testing, and adjustments. It's still going on today, a perpetual work in progress. The most fruitful effort has been running hundreds of traffic reports to see what is, and what is not working.

In addition to promoting and growing our own web sites, we also work with some 80 area tourism business in promoting their web sites. Year in and year out we see what does, and what does not work. While there is always another step, always something new to learn, we have a lot of experience with what does, and what does not work. This is why we do things the way we do. While some may not understand or agree with some of our policies, time has proven what works best.

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Reason 10 - 2Cooleys Out-Performs The Big National Sites

Several huge web sites sell links to our customers every year. These big web sites cover the entire USA, or even much of the world. They have millions of visitors every year. One would think that this much volume would really amount to a great number of clicks. The problem is similar to what happens in a big city phone book. How do people find you in the middle of a 4-inch thick directory unless they know exactly what to look for?

While these sites are useful to a degree, they do not produce large numbers of clicks. We see this in customer traffic reports all the time. This gets back to the fact that "local" is what works best. 2Cooleys generates far more clicks for our customers than these giant sites do.

Buy Into Other Area Sites Too

What we recommend instead of the large national sites is to spend your money with our competitors (after buying into 2Cooleys of course!) Buy into your chamber sites, OMR, etc. If you are on Norfork buy into the Norfork Lake Chamber. If you are on Bull Shoals take a serious look at the Missouri Bull Shoals Lake Association. Regardless of where you are, one of the best sites to get into is Arkansas.com, and that is free. It tends to out-perform many of the others.

All of these local sites will do you more good than the big national sites. These sites also generate email leads, and you don't get those from the big nationals. Further, having links in these local sites will do you more good for search engine ranks than the links in the big nationals because of the similar content theme. If you get three different links with 2Cooleys, and links in Arkansas.com, and a chamber site, that will help with your search ranks.

After running hundreds of traffic reports for our customers over the last 19 years I can say with extreme confidence that the more you advertise, the more traffic you get. Our most successful customers advertise with not just us, but with other local sites as well. It is important to note that many of the chambers and OMR have promotions in radio, TV, and print that 2Cooleys does not have. These promotions reach different audiences and we recommend participating for that reason.

If you are on a limited budget and can't afford to buy into more than one or two sites, use Compete to see who has the most readership and go with them.

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Reason 11 - Additional Advertising Discounts

2Cooleys customers get "right of first refusal" on all available banner advertising spots, and they also get a discount on additional ads. 2Cooleys banner ads do work in almost all cases. We have had some real duds. But most work very well. Our classified ads also work, some as well as, if not better than, banner ads. These ads are a great way to get out in front of your competition because they are available on a very limited basis.

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Reason 12 - Limited Advertising On 2Cooleys Sites

2Cooleys limits the total number of advertisers on our sites in any given year. We keep a strict ratio of the number of monthly site visits to the number of advertisers those site visitors see. This is because the more advertisers there are on the site, the more diluted the response. We would rather have 80-something very happy customers than 100-something not so happy customers. Keeping current customers is far easier, and less expensive, than having to find new customers every year!

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Conversions - Are The Ads Working?

Conversions are the catch 22 of web marketing. Just getting large numbers of people into your web site means nothing if a good number of those site visitors don't convert into bookings. On the other hand, you can't get a good number of bookings without large numbers of people coming into the site. On more than one occasion we have seen customers with very good readership levels not hearing their phone ring. What the heck!

This kind of problem is a hard thing to pin down. It takes a careful process of elimination. The challenge is staying out of the guessing game and getting into the facts - knowing what the problem really is, not what you think it is.

This is why a traffic report is a must! You can eliminate much of the guess work just by understanding how to read a traffic report. The last thing you want to do is cut a tree that is bearing fruit but has gone dormant and looks dead.

For example, you can tell if your ads are working or not with a quick look at a traffic report. If people are clicking your links and banners, those ads are working. Always remember that all the ads are supposed to do is put people in your site - that's it! Banner ads won't make your phone ring. That is your web site's job.

If the ads are not generating enough clicks, then change the ads. This is a common practice on the web because ads can be easily changed. If the ads are generating enough clicks then keep the ads. Don't fix what works!

Normally it is not just one or two things causing poor conversion, but a "perfect storm" of things coming together. The only way out of this mess is usually with outside help. In some of the cases we have been involved in it's the web design. In other cases it was just a general lack of demand in the market, and things turned around later.

The answer is that no matter what, you have to keep trying. Never give up. Keep advertising, keep answering email leads. Just about the time it looks like things will just fall apart, it turns around.

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